A talkative person cue card

A talkative person

1. Who is he/she? 
2. How do you know him/her 
3. Do you like him/her?

● I know many people who are very talkative but here I am going to talk about my cousin Rubina, who is the most talkative person known to me.
● She is my paternal uncle’s daughter and lives next door.
● She is fifteen and is studying in 10th class.
● She is tall and beautiful and has a fair complexion.
● She has dimples on both cheeks when she smiles.
● She has jet black curly hair and generally leaves her hair loose.
● She is such a chatterbox that when she is around, you don’t need any TV or radio for entertainment.
● She can go on and on and sometimes I wonder from where she gets all the
energy to speak so much.
● She is loved by all in our family and even in the neighbourhood.
● She is fond of watching movies and then she tells me the story in so much detail that I feel I have actually seen the movie.
● She has a great sense of humour and can lighten up any tense situation.
● She is very good at studies and wants to become a lawyer.
● I believe she will be a very good lawyer because she has good communication skills.
● No one can feel bored in her company.
● She is an extrovert and can make friends very soon
● She is also very conscious of her health and goes for morning walk daily.
● She used to be very chubby in childhood but now she has shed off the extra kilos and looks very fit.
● Sometimes her talkative nature has put her in a lot of trouble.
● Many times her teachers have punished her in class for talking a lot.
● I remember once she was made to stand out in the sun for one hour in the
scorching heat of the sun.
● She was on the verge of fainting but even that could not quieten her.

● I love this cute chatterbox and when she is quiet, I feel something is wrong and I don’t like it. At present we have coaching centres only in Phagwara and Mohali only.

Part 3 – Follow Up A talkative person

1. What communication skills are important?
I believe verbal communication skills are the most significant and must be honed in every individual. The communication in everyday life revolved mostly around verbal skills rather than written communication or non verbal communication. Good interpersonal skill is also a top requirement in the jobs these days.

2. Are you talkative?
No I am not a person who speaks a lot. I mostly speak when I am asked to or when some situation requires my opinion. I believe in the philosophy that one should speak less and think before speaking.

3. Are most Indian people talkative?
I guess, yes, most of the Indian people love to talk and it is evident by the large amount of noise you can hear at the public places like railway stations, malls etc. I think one of the primary reasons that Indian people love to talk is the fact that Indians love to socialise. They like to know each other’s well being and discuss what is going in one’s life.

4. What jobs need employees to be talkative? 
The first job that comes to my mind would be of a Radio Jockey because talking is the primary thing they have to do in their job. They are supposed to entertain people by talking a lot, cracking jokes. Another job, I would say, could be a teacher as they have to give lectures to the students, which involves a lot of speaking.

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