BMR Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BMR

BMR Full Form is Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is the value of calories that our body needs to function. This is a measurement of a person’s energy during physical, physical and emotional rest in 24-hour period. BMR tell, how much calories is required in a whole day. You would know that for an average person, around 1500-2000 calories is considered sufficient for his work. And if you work hard, or you are overweight, then you need more calories, which depends on these four things.

  1. Age
  2. Weight
  3. activity
  4. Gender

BMR gives you an estimate of calories that you burn when you at complete rest for around 24 hours. The metabolic rate is usually less than BMR during sleep.


There is one formula which is used to calculate BMR in men and women, which is given below.

P= (10.0 x m/1 kg) + (6.25 x h/1cm) – (5.00 x a/1 year) + s

  • P= total heat production while at rest (BMR)
  • m= weight of a person in kilograms
  • h= height of a person in centimeters
  • a= age of a person in years
  • s= constant (+5 for males and -161 for females)

For example: let us calculate BMR of a 35 year old Female who is 180 cm tall and weighs around 90 kg.

On applying Formula-

P= (10.0 x 90) + (6.25 x 180 cm) – (5.00 x 35) – 161

= 900 + 1125 – 175 – 161

= 2025 – 336

= 1689

So, this person burns 1689 calories while he is resting for 24 hours.


WeightAge 18 to 35Age 36 to 55Age over 55
60 kg248023001900
65 kg262024002000
70 kg276024802100
75 kg290025602200
80 kg305026702300
85 kg320027602400
90 kg350030002600


WeightAge 18 to 35Age 36 to 55Age over 55
45 kg1760 cals1570 cals1430 cals
50 kg186016601500
55 kg195017601550
60 kg205018601600
65 kg215019601630
70 kg225020501660
75 kg240021501720

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