Characteristics Of Stress In Organisational Behaviour

Characteristics Of Stress – Hello friends, welcome to pdffiles, today we are going to share features Of Stress but before that we will discuss the meaning of stress as well as stress management.

Stress – It refers to the bodily strain that an individual feels as a result of coping with some environmental factors.

Stress management – Stress management refers to the process through which stress can be controlled. It must, however, be kept in mind that the stress management never talks of eliminating stress thoroughly.

Characteristics Of Stress

It is the result of Environmental Factors

Stress is the outcome of environmental factors. Environment means the sum total of all the factors that surround us on all sides and thus affect us, e.g. Job, Economic Condition, Technical Changes, Social Help, Organisational Policies, etc. For example, if a person happens to be holding some important position, he will always be under stress. Similarly, if the economic condition of a person is not good, he will also remain under stress.

It may be Positive or Negative ( Characteristics Of Stress )

Stress can have both positive and negative effects. Its positive effect is that stress helps us in doing something which in turn increases our efficiency and we make some progress, on the other hand, its negative effect results in sadness, anger, disbelief, etc.

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It may be Temporary or Long-run

 The nature of stress can be temporary or prolonged one. There are many situations in life when one gets rid of stress quite easily and quickly. On the contrary, there are certain situations which prolong the presence of stress and in such a situation it gives rise to dangerous diseases.

It Represents a Very Significant Cost to Organisations

Stress and efficiency are negatively corelated. If the employees are under stress, their efficiency will be reduced and vice-versa. Stress reduces efficiency as a result of which costs go up. Stress constitutes an important part of any organisation’s costs. Those organisations which want to control their costs, they shall have to control the stress costs before handling their other costs like-material, labour, etc.

It may Result in Multiple Deviations

 Because of stress, many deviations can be observed in an individual, e.g., physical, psychological and behavioural. Physical deviation results in high blood ressure and heart diseases. Psychological deviation chiefly results in depression. SimilarÅ‚y, behavioural deviation results in absenteeism and aggression.

It is Individualistic ( Characteristics Of Stress )

Stress affects individuals differently. Some people have greater degree of toleration and they face stress very bravely. They are not afraid of it and usually get encouraged by it. They start putting in more work . On the contrary, some people get nervous. They have very little resistance. They start trembling on even facing stress related with daily problems. Thus, a similar type of stress affects different people differently.

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