Describe a good law in your country

Describe a good law in your country

○ What is the law
○ How you came to know about this law
○ Whom does it affect
○ Why is it good

● Laws are made by the government for the smooth running of the society .
● Without these laws we would be living in utter chaos and anarchy.

● There are many laws worth mentioning, such as ­ ban on smoking in public places, wearing helmet while riding a two wheeler, law against female foeticide and against cutting trees
● But here I am going to talk about a law on banning the use of plastic carry bags
● I came to know about this law from TV news.
● This law affects each and every person on Earth.
● In 2016, India banned the use of carry bags below 50 microns thickness, but it was could not enforced well, because of lack of alternatives.
● However, in June 2018, on World Environment Day, the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution”, and so the government has planned to be strict in the implementation of this law.
● Actually, this year, India was the global host of the World Environment Day.
● So, our PM Mr Narendra Modi asked every state and Union Territory to launch a massive campaign against the use of plastics.
● Plastic in all forms, such as carry bags, drinking straws and plastic bottles have been banned and strict fines are imposed on the violators of this law.
● Plastic is non­biodegradable and fills up our landfill sites.
● If burnt, it emits harmful fumes in the air.
● So, I think this is a good law and we all need to cooperate with the government by abiding by this law.
● We should make it a habit to carry our tote bags with us when we go shopping and refuse to accept plastic bags.

Follow Up Describe a good law in your country

1. Do you think this law is acceptable to the people?
Yes, I think this law has been accepted well by the people of India. There is growing awareness about the environmental issues and Indians too are making their efforts to save and preserve the environment.

2. Is there any situation wherein people may disobey the law?

Yes, there are situations when people disobey the/this law. The main reasons for such laws not being followed by the people are personal profits/benefits and the convenience that they may have to give up.

3. Do people like being a police officer in your country?
Yes, many people in my country like being a police officer. Every year there are several people who take the tests to become a police officer. The competition that exists for such exams is a clear indicator that many people strive to become police officers and serve their country.

4. What qualities should a police officer possess?
A police officer should possess many qualities. He/she should be physically fit and active and should have a passion to serve the people and the Nation. Some other qualities are honesty, eagerness to search for the truth and bring justice to people, some skills like martial arts or other such combat skills to fight the criminals, courage, fearlessness, determination, and many more such qualities.

5. Why some people prefer to be a lawyer?
Some people prefer to be a lawyer because they want to ensure that everyone receives justice and is treated fairly by the law. They may have a desire to fight for others’ rights and ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to justify their actions. Some people choose this profession because of the prospects of earning money and fame.

6. Should people be penalised when they use mobile phones while driving?
These days vehicles are well equipped with a system wherein you can connect via bluetooth to your mobile and you can be handsfree and still use your mobile. but if a driver is talking or texting on the phone while driving he should be heavily penalised.

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