Importance Of Learning In Organisational Behaviour

Importance Of Learning – Learning is an important part of human behaviour. We cannot make progress without learning Behaviour of the individuals is influenced by learning. As we learn so we do. Behaviour of an individual changes as per his learning. With a view to achieving desired results in the organisation, attention must be paid to the learning of the people. Learning is a must to understand leadership style of the manage attitude of the supervisor and efficiency of the labour. Relation between learning and organisational behaviour and importance of learning will be clear from the following facts:

(1) Useful for Reducing Absenteeism

Learning can be used to remove the habit of absenteeism among the people. For example, there was large-scale absenteeism among the employees of a company. How to meet this situation was a worrisome question for the managers. The latter worked out a scheme. According to the scheme, any employee who registered his attendance upto a certain level, will be given a lottery ticket. On this ticket he will be rewarded. As soon as the scheme was launched improvement in the attendance of the employees was clearly visible. So much so, that even in emergency situations the employees did not take leave. Now they learnt that registering attendance in large numbers will lead to positive results. People feel good in repeating activities that carry positive effects.

(2) Discouraging Paid Leave ( Importance Of Learning )

By practising learning’, the habit of taking more than required number of sick leave by the employees, can be checked. Often we find that organisations pay their employees some fringe benefits (perks) in addition to their fixed remuneration. Main among these benefits is: sick leave with pay. It is also seen that employees misuse these leaves on the pretext of sickness. ate of employees’ attendance is high in those organisations where no such benefits exist. Thus the challenge faced by the former organisations is how to get rid of this evil. Employees of these organisations need be motivated. Offer of ‘Attendance Bonus’ can be one form of motivation. Enforcement of this motivational system will certainly yield better results. People will learn that large attendance will earn them bonus. Once positive results are secured, people will repeat that activity.

(3) Training Programmes ( Importance Of Learning )

On the basis of learning, useful training programmes can be chalked out. According to Social Learning Theory, people learn by imitating others. During the course of training, trainees keenly watch their trainer doing work. Watching keenly his activities, the same are imprinted on their minds and they learn what, when and how they are to do work. They consider the trainer as their ‘model’ and imitiate him while doing actual work. In this case, people have learnt imitating their model/ideal. This system is often practised on lower-level employees.

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(4) Usetul for Developing Mentor Programmes

Like Training Programmes, benefit of learning’ can be reaped by developing mentor programmes. In this case also Social Learning Theory holds good as under training programme. Mentor programme is useful for managers. Under it, the senior manager plays the role of model/ideal. He advises subordinates how to go ahead crossing all hurdles. Mentor creates an environment similar to actual situation and suggests to the subordinates formulae to clear varied hurdles. When the subordinates put these formulae to practise they get better results. The subordinates repeat this learning many a time.

In addition to the above, one can benefit by “Learning Theories” in several other fields as well. Learning transforms the behaviour of the people. Good learning begets good behaviour and bad learning leads to bad behaviour.

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