Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

○ What was it
○ When did you borrow
○ Whom you borrowed it from
○ What you did with it
○ Why you borrowed it

● I think that sharing things with others is a good habit, in everyday life a lot of people borrow and lend things to each other.
● Some people might feel uncomfortable about borrowing and lending things but it is a practice that has existed for such a long time.
● Today, I would like to talk about a book that I borrowed from my best friend
● It was during last summer when my final exams were going on.
● I remember the weather was extremely hot during these days
● I studied at the library which was close to my home and I found a good
environment to study there.
● One day I forgot my economics book while studying at the library and I
was not able to find it after that.
● I became anxious and started panicking as my economics exam was two
days after that and I badly needed that book for the preparation.
● I called my best friend who was an year elder to me and had given the
same exam last year.
● Luckily she still had the same book with her and she said that I can borrow the book from her.
● I immediately rushed to her place and got a sigh of relief when she gave
me the book.
● She also said that she can help me prepare for the exam, it was really a
nice gesture from her
● So I studied really hard for the next two days and I felt confident about the exam despite of losing some precious preparation time.
● Fortunately my exam went really well and I returned the book to her on the next day with a note of thanks.
● After few months when my result was declared, I was surprised to see that I scored the highest marks in economics.

● I felt so happy and grateful for my best friend.
● I bought chocolates for her to express my gratitude.
● Without her help this score would not have been possible for me.
● So this was a time when I borrowed a book from someone.

Follow Up Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend

1. Why do some people borrow things instead of buying them?
Some people borrow things because they may not be able to afford buying those things, or perhaps they would not need to use those things more than once. So, instead of buying some people prefer borrowing such things.

2. What would you do if people don’t return the money the borrowed from you?
I would request them/remind them to return the money they owe to me, maybe once or twice. If they still do not return the money, I would not ask them again. I believe that it is the individual’s responsibility to return what they have borrowed.

3. Why are people embarrassed when they borrow money from others?
People are embarrassed to borrow money because it develops a feeling of inferiority and people feel ashamed that they are not able to manage their finances well.

4. Do you often borrow things in your daily life?
Yes, unfortunately I am very forgetful with stationery items like pencils, erasers, pens etf. I have to often borrow them from my peers and friends at school and school. Many of my friends and peers borrow them from me as well.

5. What things you usually borrow from your neighbours?
I remember few years back I used to borrow things like sugar, salt, basically cooking items. But now we have shops very close to our home so it is very convenient to buy them.I don’t believe there is anything wrong with borrowing them in the case of emergency.

6. How you like when some people borrow money from others?
This is something that I am completely against. I believe borrowing money impacts relationships like nothing else and if there is ever a delay in returning money it sours relationships even more.

7. What kind of problems are associated with borrowing things?
I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with borrowing things except money. Borrowing money affects relationships especially if there are large sums involved. The lender may feel worries if the money would be returned or not and the borrower feels like he owes something.

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